Brooks Brothers Credit Card

When you are looking for a more preppy and sophisticated look for the entire family the Brooks Brothers stores are definitely your place to go. They have been helping style many families over the years and they also have their Brooks Brothers Credit Card. The Brooks Brothers Credit Card is there to make the shopping experience at Brooks Brothers even sweeter. Whether your style is pretty or business, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for and more at Brooks Brothers. Not many people are going to understand the level of loyalty it takes to have a Brooks Brothers Credit Card unless you are someone who already shops there often anyway.

What most people don't know upon first glance is that the Brooks Brothers Credit Card is actually a two tiered card. Also, when you first apply for the Brooks Brothers Credit Card you are actually applying for the MasterCard version. If you are denied for that version, you are then automatically resubmitted to see if you qualify for the regular card. If you don't qualify for either card level, you are just going to have two inquiries on your credit for nothing basically. However, if upscale clothing happens to be your thing, we are pretty sure that a declined application will keep you from shopping Brooks Brothers. Brooks Brothers haven't been around since 1818 for nothing that's for sure. They have a clothing style that will only be understood by those who happen to love wearing it.


When it comes to the benefits of the Brooks Brothers Credit Card you seem to get a lot but when you look closer it's not really so much. No matter which one of the card levels you get approved for, the biggest draw seems to be the 15% off you get on your first purchase when you open your card. That is actually quite sad for a big draw actually, especially for such an upscale clothing store. The next big draw tends to be the four points that they give you for every dollar that you spend at their physical or online store. Considering that the average purchase at Brooks Brothers could easily be $300, which would be 1,200 points in one purchase. It takes 2,000 points to get a $20 gift card. Therefore, it will take you $500 to spend with your Brooks Brothers Credit Card before you will receive that $20 gift card. For some people, that isn't going to be worth anything and for others they will see that every amount is helpful towards a larger goal.

At the end of the day the people who are getting the Brooks Brothers Credit Card are most likely avid shoppers of the store already anyway. Therefore, people aren't really getting the card just because they can get 15% off or $20 every so often. They are getting the card out of their loyalty to the store and to the products that have satisfied them possibly for generations. As we said earlier, Brooks Brothers hasn't been around since 1818 for doing nothing at all that's for sure.